Roasted pumpkin parcels

Roasted pumpkin and garlic

pumpkin ingredients



· Roast pumpkin and garlic stuffed with rosemary and thyme

· ½ onion diced or two spring onions

· Silverbeet

· Basil

· Fetta cheese

· Ricotta cheese

· Puff pastry


1. Pre-heat oven to 160 rub olive oil onto pumpkin, fill with rosemary and thyme. Bake with unpeeled garlic and bake until soft. 

2. Dice onion. Peel pre-roasted pumpkin and remove seeds. Roughly chop

3. Shred silverbeet and basil leaves

4. Crumble fetta cheese into a bowl

5. Mix ricotta cheese through fetta.

6. Add the vegetables and mix thoroughly. Add salt and pepper.

7.  Halve the pastry sheet and put some filling in the middle of puff pastry sheet.  Press edges, cook in the sandwich press or oven until golden brown.


Each week as part of the Foodweb Educationprogram a finger food style recipe using fresh ingredients from the school garden is prepared by a group of about eight students under adult supervision during a one-hour session and is shared with the rest of the class in the garden at the end of the session.

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