St Peter’s grade 5/6’s turn to crowd funding to try and build a new chicken house

You could be forgiven for thinking it was the love that killed the chickens at St Peter's but alas it was Monsieur Fox.
You could be forgiven for thinking the chickens at St Peter’s were loved to death but it was Monsieur Fox.

The chickens were such an integral part of the St Peter’s Primary School community, raised from chicks, intimate friends with everyone, rulers of the school ground and even bosses of certain classes. Their absence has left our school and many of the children’s hearts and lunch times empty. In an attempt to get some new chickens and ensure this tragic event will never occur again the Senior Students at St Peters made their very own Pozible campaign to raise funds to get a professional chook pen built by VEG . We only have one week left and a long way to go to reach the target so if anybody is feeling generous please pledge to support the SAVE OUR CHICKENS CAMPAIGN for St Peters Primary School Clayton – a school that boasts 48 different language groups and 97% of students from non-English speaking backgrounds.

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