Springtime sun-baking

My kickstarter funded GoSun stove arrived simultaneously with the Spring sunshine in Melbourne this week so we have been baking up a storm at school using this rather oddly shaped but incredibly portable, easy to use and efficient stove that uses sunlight to cook. The sun oven is an exciting, low-tech teaching tool that fits within the programs goals of demonstrating how the energy for most processes on Earth can be traced back to the sun. As a practical component to the grade 1/2’s introductory unit on Energy flow through ecosystems


we were then able to prepare our own garden snack this week capturing energy directly from the sun. We made chocolate and beetroot brownies and baked custard with orange and ginger sauce and carrot and pecan cake.  All took approximately 50 minutes to cook.


As long as you don’t mind your food coming out looking like a giant sausage (or something less appealing) this oven is AMAZING!  My only criticism is that there are quite a few loose and easy to lose parts like screws and nuts and when you’re taking it from place to place like I am you’re more susceptible to losing these – I have already had to replace a number of parts (one week down) but as this is the first release maybe this will be improved in following designs and at least the components were easy to replace at the local hardware.  




  • Oranges
  • Butter
  • Brown sugar – 1/2 cup (to taste)
  • White sugar – ½ cup
  • Vanilla – 1 teaspoon
  • Orange zest (orange peel) – 1 tablespoon
  • Eggs x 5
  • 1 cup of Cream


  1. In a separate bowl crack the eggs add the cream and add white sugar.
    Whisk until the sugar is dissolved. Add vanilla and mix thoroughly.
  2. Grease Go Sun baking tray thoroughly and set up so stable and flat. Carefully pour mixture in and close,leaving a small gap for steam to escape (I made the mistake of closing it thoroughly and we had one round of exploding boiling scrambled custard) Bake for approximately 40 minutes.
  3. Sauce: Grate 1 tablespoon of orange zest and set aside. Squeeze orange juice (approximately 4 oranges)
  4. Heat fry pan and cook until sugar is dissolved. 
  5. Serve custard on a lattice biscuit (optional) with orange sauce.

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