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Walking tour of Brunswick’s ‘sharing economy’

To complement the ‘Economy’ unit the seniors at Brunswick North West Primary School were studying we decided to explore some aspects of the economy which fit under the banner of what is termed ‘solidarity’ or ‘sharing economy’.  These are economic activities that happen that are ethics not profit driven – usually ecological sustainability, democratically managed and promote justice.  There are stacks of things happening in Brunswick  that operate within this paradigm so we took to the streets for a walking tour of Brunswick’s own sharing economy.


We started the day at Norm Warehouse  which is a warehouse full of workshops, studios and shared creative space, where students were given a presentation from local Moreland council reps on a new community project involving the permanent closure of a section of Wilson Avenue for public space. The student were then given a tour of Brunswick Tool Library and workshop which offers Moreland and surrounding area residents and community groups access to hand tools, power tools, garden tools, ladders, etc. for use on their own projects.tool library tour

We then had a tour of the  The Commons – a shared inner-city living apartment block with many ‘sustainability’ features.  We ate morning tea in their community food garden on the roof top, complete with bees, shared laundry and entertainment area.commonsgarden

We then walked to the Brunswick Food Forest and Community Garden to have lunch, find out about community gardening and speak to a representative of the Moreland Food Gardens Network on different activities happening locally to strategically plan & collaborate to improve food access and urban agriculture in Moreland..

brunswick food forest

Feedback from the day suggested students found it pretty inspiring (and confronting) that people in their community operating such projects were so self-driven, trusting and proactive.

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Foodweb Education presents at National Conference


We (Rafael Schouten, Isobel Harper and Megan Floris) recently attended and presented  at the the Australian Association for Environmental Education conference in Hobart, Tasmania which was held over 5 days and included David Orr as the keynote speaker.  Our workshop was titled Patterns from Ecosystem Ecology: Energy flow and matter cycling as the basis for Sustainability Education.   As David Orr had pointed out in his speech, at this time we are in need of linking frameworks to decompartmentalise our education system and knowledge. The Foodweb Education approach to sustainability education provides such an approach by uniting the diverse topics of sustainability education through teaching the laws of science regarding the behaviour of energy and matter. These apply equally to our society as to natural systems providing patterns of energy flow and matter cycling that can be used as a linking, simplifying framework for teaching. We produced a teaching resource to accompany the presentation which you can find here. Our workshop was well attended and received and we look forward to having the opportunity to share our approach again in the future.


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