This blog will give you a taste of Foodweb Education in action, documenting the lessons, activities, recipes and experiences of our school garden-based ecology program.   Foodweb Education is currently developing a framework that teaches and reinforces fundamental ecological patterns such as energy flow and matter cycles. It aims to provide students with not just a set of behaviours, but tools for conscious adaptation within natural limits and a deep understanding of the processes that sustain life. By applying and contextualising lessons during hands on food gardening activities students get to experience the patterns they are studying as well as develop life long practical skills for resilience.  


My name is Megan Floris and I have over 8 years experience running gardening programs in schools. Based on this experience working in schools, alongside classroom teachers with all year levels of primary school, we have developed this simple framework to ensure that the program is relevant to both students and staff, and is designed to operate within the time and financial constraints of schools. We teach science curriculum standards with ecosystems ecology and practical lessons, giving children the thinking tools for understanding and adapting to environmental and social change as well as the practical skills to respond proactively.

For more information on the Foodweb Education framework please see the article we had published on page 21 of this edition of  Eingana v35 #3-1 the Journal of Victorian Association of Environmental Educators.


Recipes from our garden cook-ups

Lesson outlines and experiences

Garden based activities

Resources and useful links

Contact: foodwebed@gmail.com

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