How to use this site?

If you are wanting some bite sized information on Foodweb Education – the program and the framework check out

1. What is Foodweb Education – video

2. Foodweb Education Framework– framework and link to patterns – energy, matter and systems.

3. About – the background, organisational structure and contact details for Foodweb Education

If you are wanting ideas for simple recipes or activities to do with students as part of your garden or sustainability program use the drop down menu bar or type the key word into the search bar eg. pumpkin, mulch, energy, sun oven etc.  There are gaps in the information as the blog is still under development and the program evolving but content and images in these areas is regularly being updated so follow or like the blog to stay in touch or contact me directly with an enquiry

If you are wanting a more in-depth description of the Foodweb approach and its aims go to:

1.  Our article published in Earthsong journal

2. Our article published in Victorian Environmental Education journal

If you are interested in applying the framework to your own garden program, Environmental Education or Education for Sustainability lessons or units it is important you have a thorough understanding of the our approach.  To obtain this please go to the resources and links and read our:

1. journal article

2. David Orr’s article: What is Education for?

watch the following videos

1. Lessons from thin air: Produced by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysic this video shows that many of the things we assume about how children learn are simply not true and provides ways of addressing these education gaps.

2. Energy and Matter in Ecosystems: A Yale lecture that describes Ecosystem Ecology; which is a scientific paradigm that studies the interaction of living and non-living components within ecosystems and is the framework Foodweb Education uses to clarify and enhance EfS

3. The New Ecology: Eugene Odum, father of ecology describes key concepts of ecosystem ecology.

Once you have done the background research work your way through the Foodweb Education Framework to plan your lesson or unit.  Please email for any support or to provide feedback on the utility of the framework.

All content produced by Foodweb Education on this blog is currently available for use for free, however, in line with the concept of copyleft where permission to reproduce, adapt or distribute it requires that resulting copies or adaptations are also made freely available.  In addition we request that any reproduction acknowledges the producer/author and any adaptations be fed back into the program for others to access.


2 thoughts on “How to use this site?

  1. Robyn Erwin

    Hi Megan,
    I met you at the VEG PDC and love your site – it’s given me lots of ideas for the program I run at Chelsea Heights PS. One of your posts had a link to a photosynthesis rap but the link didn’t work – is this available?
    PS kids loved the pumpkin fritters in the sandwich press,
    Cheers, Robyn

    • meganfloris

      Hi Robyn, thanks for your message great to hear. The link works for me but here is the youtube link for the same song – I just use the first verse with primary school students. Would love to hear how your program goes keep in touch. Megan

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