Foodweb Education Framework

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The Foodweb framework is a gardens-based Ecoliteracy  (Ecological literacy) program that teaches and reinforces fundamental ecological patterns such as energy flow and matter cycles with the aim of providing students with the essential knowledge and skills for resilience in an uncertain future.  The framework includes the following aspects that can be used as a guide to develop and deliver your lesson or program.  Filter your lesson, curriculum, program or activity ideas through each of the following areas to meet the objectives of the Foodweb Education framework:

  • Foodweb Pedagogy – standards for preparation and instruction.
  • Learning Space – the areas, both real and virtual for pedagogy to play out in.
  • School Integration – linking with curriculum and community to build a relevant and indispensable program.
  • Themes – the patterns used to develop thinking tools for resilience and sustainability.
  • Activities – the practical component, how to engage students and provide experiential and meaningful learning opportunities.
  • Content – objects and organisms that provide essential observational, investigative and practical examples for students.

Link to article page 21:

Patterns from ecosystem ecology: energy flow
and matter cycling in sustainability education

by Megan Floris and Rafael Schouten




4 thoughts on “Foodweb Education Framework

  1. Alex Douch

    Hi Megan,
    I am a science teacher who is also interested in gardening, nutrition and cooking. It is so exciting to see what you are doing and would love to get involved too. I’ve taught Home Economics as well as Science and have a good knowledge on vegetable gardening. I would love to work alongside the school in Shepparton, Victoria.My goal is to make sure that no child misses out in gaining the knowledge required for a healthy lifestyle. My email is I would love to hear from you soon.

    Alex Douch

    • meganfloris

      Hi Alex, How are things going in Shepparton? I sent you a replay via email, get in touch in you would like to discuss the program. Thanks, Megan

  2. Alex Douch

    Hi Megan, I’ve been pretty busy so haven’t done much about it. I would like to know what it is that you do and how I can be involved.

    • meganfloris

      Hi Alex, for some reason I’ve only just found your message, apologies for the delay. Check out the intro teaching resource we put together to get an idea of what we do. As for being involved let me know you’re availability and we can have a chat. All the best, Megan

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