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A blog is a simple web based communication tool that is easy to set up and could be used by students and teachers to monitor and document living organisms found around the school grounds or projects and events relating to the sustainability or Foodweb  program happening around the school. Here is a demonstration blog. In Victoria we have a free Edublog campus available called Global 2 for students to use.
After initial instruction the students can self manage the project and blog development. Over time the blog would become a comprehensive record of the changes that take place in the school grounds in and around but not exclusively in the garden for eg. when the rosellas come in, aphids on the apple tree, cicadas resurface etc as well as develop these students interest in observation and exploration of the natural world and how we interact with it. They would also be developing skills around photography and digital communication formats. It would provide an immediate potential audience for students to test and develop their communication skills.  Potentially they could also link with the students other schools and beyond through following each others blogs. The blog could also become a great promotional tool for the school.
The school will need:
1. a senior student team of children interested in and motivated by either science, nature, computer technology, photography, art (new group each year)
2. equipment – access to cameras, computers and internet
3. time – once a week or fortnight for uploads to keep interest going and monthly meeting with supervising teacher interested in project
4. a group email or school email so members can access and upload to site
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