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This blog provides an insight into the Foodweb Education  program in action, aiming to document the lessons, activities, recipes and experiences of our school garden-based Ecoliteracy (Ecological literacy)  program and provide resources and guidance to others interested in implementing the program.


Foodweb Education started when Megan Floris, who has worked as a school garden educator for 14 years, recognized the need to integrate more explicit ecological concepts into school gardening.  Over a number of years, Megan and Rafael Schouten developed what has now become the Foodweb Education framework, based on the pillars of ecological patterns – systems, matter cycles & energy flows.

It includes the curriculum content of Science Literacy (Ecoliteracy) and Food Literacy, as well as the pedagogies of experiential education and interdisciplinary learning.

In terms of growing the program and business, Megan invited Isobel Harper, a permaculture friend of hers to support the vision, develop the program and become a business partner.

Current Organisational Structure:

Megan and Isobel then decided that more hands and heads on board would help.  They invited Alicia Flynn, who had been associated with the program through her educational research, to become involved.

Megan, Isobel and Alicia now make up the Foodweb Education management team.  As more schools came on board and family commitments to Megan and Isobel swelled, there was a need to bring in other Foodweb Education Educators (FEEs) to deliver the program.

Tiff Bollhorn and Nicole Furze, both former garden and Eco Ed colleagues of the three, came on board, helped with further development of the program and trained as FEEs.

Roles & Responsibilities (as of Feb 2017):

Management Team

Megan Floris: Director; Business & financial management; Program development; staff support

Isobel Harper: Manager; Design executive; program development; staff support

Alicia Flynn: Manager; School Liaison; educational research; program development; staff support


Responsibilities –

To deliver the Foodweb Education program to educator’s specific school; promote the program; support the school to develop integrated ecoliteracy education through the curriculum.

Nicole Furze: Thornbury Primary School

Isobel Harper: St Pius Primary School, Heidelberg

Alicia Flynn: Brunswick North West Primary School

Megan Floris: Relief/support


Contact Details:


M: 0412 158 987

E: contact@foodwebeducation.com


M: 0400 965 565

E: isobelfrances@gmail.com


M: 0423 302 079

E: ms.aliciaflynn@gmail.com


M: 0439 617 251

E: nicolemfurze@gmail.com



Recipes from our garden cook-ups

Lesson outlines and experiences

Garden based activities

Foodweb Education Framework

Resources and useful links

All content produced by Foodweb Education on this blog is currently available for use  under the terms of the  CREATIVE COMMONS ATTRIBUTION-SHAREALIKE 3.0 UNPORTEDLICENSE.

Contact: contact@foodwebeducation.com

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